What draws you to a character?

I was playing a Pantheon game earlier today and started thinking about some of his voice lines, more specifically these two: - _"Brother to warriors resting beneath wheat. Son of battles a thousand times lost. I know who I am, and I will show the gods what I can become!"_ - _"The best climbers know how to fall."_ It got me thinking, what do you guys enjoy the most about your champion's character or quotes? What draws you to them? Do you feel empathy or sympathy for them? Is there a certain voice line or piece of lore that elevates them above the rest of the roster? Let me know because I'd love to hear what makes your champion stand out above the rest. _______ I myself love tragic, flawed, and mysterious characters. I'm really drawn to Pyke and Pantheon for those reasons. Pyke (naturally) has a lot of voice lines surrounding his descent into the mouth of the jaull-fish and his exposure to whatever was down there. While those voice lines appear to be simple on the surface they paint a much more vivid and sympathetic image of his character. Lines like _"Heard a lot of 'last words'... Forgot 'em all."_ portray the angry, vengeful revenant that terrorizes Bilgewater whereas lines like _"Went too deep, part of me is still down there... swimming..."_ and _"We're already drownin', all we gotta do is open our mouths and let the water in..."_ show us in stark contrast how he genuinely believes he's been inducted into something bigger, that what he's doing is justified and he's welcoming us to bask in that glory as well. Maybe there's a part of him that wants to escape... but it's far more likely that he's so far gone, so irreversibly corrupted and his mind has been warped and distorted into a fragment of what it once was. He's just... _lost. _ https://i.gyazo.com/c15e6e7dbddd4ece003f41449015181d.png [_(image source)_](https://imgur.com/gallery/fUmMu6H) Atreus (Pantheon) ascended Mount Targon and witnessed the death of someone he called his brother, Pylas, only to be cast aside and used as a mere vessel for the Aspect of War. Yet even after being impaled on a blade and left for dead beneath a murder of crows Atreus rose up, forsook his own name and became the new Pantheon to fight against those who would use their powers to destroy the world he nearly lost. The voice actor for Pantheon did a fantastic job, he's got so much character packed into every quote and the delivery is just spot on, I can't get enough of it.
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