So when is Riot starting a clothing line based off these kids?

As an ancient and powerful goth I often lament the fact that edgy fashion seems adapted to, and mostly restricted to, cold and dark climate. It somehow doesn't look right when the sun is out and all the colors are vivid and warm.[]( In addition, often times I venture to or or or even the depths of great Camden (where I once brought Malicious Metal to [outfit himself]( so he could _clank_ and _clonk_ and _bonk_ like his love) and find myself browsing through the same items, all looking great on picture but made from fairly subpar materials, with questionable fits. These two issues have made me very picky with goth fashion, and fairly conservative in shopping for it. ##Enter Riot's newest worldbuilding efforts, portraying the aspiring young blood mages of hot and arid Noxus, where it smells like teen spirit. This is magnificent. Each and every one of those kids has so much soul and character, from Malkavian Manson to Alt Daenerys, from Alfonso Calzone to Sparkly Rammstein, from Professor Dreads to Hair Metal, from Pauldron Hot Topic to Storm, they're all awesome and I love them. If you make clothing like that with the quality of Riot's usual merch no way in the world people won't buy it. I will, and I will wear it day and night. This has the potential to go KDA levels of viral, judging by how twitter is reacting to it. Or maybe not, I'm not an expert in retail. Anyway, thanks for the inspired content, my supreme regards to everyone involved.
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