I feel new Swain and Vlad have too similar designs.

And yes I mean the long hair and red magic aspect. I’m admittedly kinda annoyed that Swain was turned into Lucious Malfoy. Swain’s original crippled and ravenlike appearance was a classic example of don’t judge a book by his cover (or don’t fully judge it). He was charismatic despite looking like a creepy neighbor and very respectful to individuals based on their capabilities, only expressing anger towards people like J4. This new Swain looks like he could smooth talk you. He still has some hard and focused gaze, but I expect him to lead now through strength, while old Swain lead through cunning, making him a strange oddity but a great example of the Noxian way. He looks too much like bloodlord Vlad to me I guess. Maybe if his hair was black, idk.
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