Underrated music

Hey! The reworked akali just dropped on live servers, and of course the first thing I always do is listen to the soundtrack. As soon as it started playing, I was mistified. It sounds so beautiful and really gives you the feel of being a ninja. I don't know what instrument that is, but the string gives the song a wonderful melody, and I love how different every piece of the soundtrack is. Riot's music is really underrated. Good job to whoever wrote this one! When I first hear the soundtracks, for example GGMF, and pyke, I didn't like the beat, but as soon as you listen to all of it you instantly love it. My favorites are Irelia's, Akali's, and Lunar Revel. Keep up the good work, and hopefully people will actually try and listen to the soundtrack instead of instantly jumping into a game with her! Anyways, if you read this and havn't hear the entire soundtrack, I highly recommend giving it a try! Ps. The flute and drums also give it a mysterious flare! Again great job. I absolutely love it!
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