What kind of new Skin Line do you want to see in S10?

My 2 personal wishes... > ##Cinematography Skin Line {{champion:202}} {{champion:32}} [1] I would love a new Skin Line that is equal in quality (Visuals, Sound, etc) of Music Based Skin Lines like K/DA and True Damage but the twist would be that this new Skin Line wouldn't be focused on Music but rather good old Cinematography (Old Movie-Making). Amumu could be a Legendary where his W would change between a happy form and a sad form, his voice lines would also depend on which form is chosen. I can also already picture a Legendary Jhin Skin where he's sort of like a Director for the Movie stage. His Ability Visuals being something like... * Recall: Jhin raises a stage where he continuously keeps rearranging the places of props on his stage out of pure frustration as a perfectionist Director. * P: Camera type shaped Gun, every shot doing like a focus kind of noise and then the 4th shot taking a big flashy shot. * Q: Firing a Roll of Film from his Camera, that extends when it kills units. * W: Temporary Long Range Spotlight flash. * E: Traps being designed as a circular Rolling Screen for when the action is about to take place (4, 3, 2, 1, ACTION!). * R: Best part, his R area becomes the stage itself all terrain and hit Units from R Bullets become Greyscaled. > ##Knowledge Protectors Skin Line {{champion:161}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} [2] A new Skin Line called Knowledge Protectors (Secret Librarians in deep parts of Shurima that protect hidden knowledge from the outsiders). I can picture Vel'Koz, Ryze and Azir being part of this Skin Line. * Vel'Koz behaving more like a purger who just disintegrates those who break in with the Power within his Sight. * Ryze acts as the secondary line of defense who creates unpassable barriers and teleports his surroundings with him elsewhere. * Then there's Azir, the oldest and the last defender who is rumoured to be able to rise the very legends from books. But no one alive has ever managed to get that far to know whether that is true or just a folktale. Ryze and Vel'Koz would be just regular 1350RP Epic Skins, whereas Azir would be a Legendary... * Recall: Rises a throne out of Sands, uses his staff to rise ancient book shelves all around him and then he selects some of the books to rise 5 different figures out of Sand who are kneeling to him as he rises a staff in the air to show dominant power. * P: Rises a circular shaped Monolith above a destroyed tower in one of the 2 stances. The first stance is of the Knowledge Protector Vel'Koz who's executing projectiles cause Units to disintegrate and parish into Sand that blows away. The secondary stance is of the Knowledge Protector Ryze who's executing Projectiles cause a small gravity blast on the Unit to warp the very reality in that area. * Q: Pushes all of the Risen Legends to shift to a chosen area who each become a unique looking Sandwraith during the moving animation, they also each have a unique set of creepy shrieks. * W: Rises one of the 6 each Unique based Legend figures. * E: Azir dashes to one of his summoned Legends gaining a shield that's Color shading is based on which soldier was dashed to the closest, and the Color is based on the most common color on the Legend. * R: Summons a set of 6 additional Unique Legends who are kneeling in a line.
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