The orbit of Targon stories

With the recent {{champion:89}} and {{champion:131}} lore updates and the release of {{champion:523}}. It is nice to see the Targon story moving away from trying to be the rival faction/ the protagonist counterpart to the Void. **** Targon's story is becoming more grounded in it's **own** lore, with the Solari and Lunari storyline. The Lunari are coming into power to challenge the Solari's dominance over Mount Targon, supposedly with Diana at the helm. And Leona being chosen as an Aspect to protect the dominance of Solari. It begs the question _"How long have the Solari and Lunari been caught up in the cycle for dominance and how often have they switched places?"_ It can even be linked all the way back to {{champion:142}}. She is the Aspect of Twilight and heralds times of great change after all. Although, I think she is also heralding an even greater change to Targon's power hierarchy in relation to {{champion:136}}'s revenge. However, this a plot involving Targon Prime and celestial which is much further away in Targon's future. _I am also interested in whether there is any connection between the spirit realm and celestial realm._ Even {{champion:80}} has been more involved with immediate and current developments on Runeterra opposed to waiting on the Void. The Aspect initially seized control of Atreus' body to deal with the return of the Darkin: {{champion:266}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:141}} Now Atreus will possibly play an active role in the coming Shuriman god war. Whereas years ago it was assumed Pantheon and all the Aspects came to Runeterra because of the Void. The Void being mentioned in both Aurelion Sol and Diana's short stories and in Taric's bio. **** This is much better for Targon going forward, immediate stories not being built around villains from another region. Now Targon's relation to the Void can be akin to Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles, the Harrowing is one aspect of Bilgewater, but the region has it's own stories and developments separate from the Shadow Isles. More than likely the Void's return is going to affect the entirety of the Shuriman contintent if not multiple regions across Runeterra and this is much better, having Targon be actively and equally affected opposed to them waiting on the sidelines to save the day. **** Also on the topic of Targon going forward, I do hope that the next Targonian champion is a Solari/ Ra'Horak champion.
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