New champions reveals feel incredibly underwhelming because of the new reveal pages

Old champion reveal pages did an amazing job at showcasing the new characters. There was so much work put into it in order to let us have a glimpse of the visual identity of the champions as well as their backstory and their gameplay. Now the new pages feel completely dull, they inspire no emotion or don't show anything that could help us relate to the characters and enter their world. Just go back and watch the old reveal page of Aurelion Sol for example and compare it to what we got for Qiyana, Morde and Yuumi. Old champion reveals used to completely blow my mind and get me super excited to get to know more about the character. Instead when I open a reveal page now I feel completely indifferent. Nothing in Qiyana's reveal page makes me want to know more about her, sure her abilities look cool but there's nothing to show me that the CHARACTER is interesting. It feels like all the magic is gone and I'd really hate it if all the future champions/reworks were to be revealed in the same underwhelming way.
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