Unpopular Opinion: True Damage GIANTS is an insult to K/DA POP/STARS

When I watched K/DA pop stars I was so amazed by the art and beauty of the song. EVERYTHING about that song was just so perfect. When I first heard that Akali was coming back I was so hyped. But when I saw the music video I was cringing. There are 2 big issues I had with Giants: the animations and lyrics The most apparent one was the animation for most people. It seriously lacked the fluidity, quality, colouring and details and was just so insulting to K/DA It was also so uneven. The quality and detail in the background was really good and yet the band members were just so shit. The colouring made Akali look like an old lady trying to act young. Ekko looks like a 12 year old trying to act cool by rapping and dressing up as a weird zombie with the hair and face painting. Like I mentioned before the fluidity was a big issue. Ekko's part doesn't look too natural in the way he moves his body and don't even get me started on Akali's part. The animation looked so damn weird and the body parts looked so disproportionate. Senna's parts all had more or less the same animation too. The second biggest part was the lyrics. Not exactly lyrics itself but how it's executed. They don't even compliment each other's parts as well like things were in K/DA. Even Kai'sa's parts complimented and worked well with the other members with those amazing high pitched notes. But for True Damage? They were all just hogging for the most lines as Yasuo doesn't have anything. I mean TWO singers were singing as ONE character. Like ??? Seriously? When one had no singer? Honestly Riot I am so disappointed in you guys and I hope you can take these constructive criticism next time you're making another new song.
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