Runeterra PSA: Stop Imprisoning people

I mean jail just seems to keep giving people f#@king super powers and sh!t. Sylas went to jail and now he's magical All for One,Jhin went to jail and now he's armed to the teeth as a contract killer,Urgot went to jail and he's a cyborg monster,what few Darkin remain are now horsemen of the apocalypse hell bent on destroying everything, and we all know how it is with Xerath and Renekton. "We caught you random cyborg wizard who used lightning powers to kill 200 people and no we're putting a petricite bullet in your head." Guys we gotta stop sending people to jail. Edit: I got to thinking and forgot a few. Graves got imprisoned and now has a shotgun that can kill building,Xin Zhao is a f#@king machine,Alistar might be if his lore is made similar to his old,Atreus was technically a prisoner in his own body but can defeat Aatrox who killed a friggin god,Veigar was imprisoned by Mordekaiser and now has Dark and Celestial magic I believe,gotta wonder what Ionia was thinking putting Syndra in one that makes her relive her worst memories when she's a mage that feeds off of negative emotions plus it kept her young,and Senna congrats you got to meet your predecessors who taught you lost secrets. May add more if people remind me of stuff.
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