About that Piltovan Robot Butler

I actually like that Riot considered to add a butler to the game, since this is close to a champion archetype I want to see in this game: a maid. Would add a personality that is not present in the champion pool yet, in my opinion. We don't have a truly submissive champion, someone who lives to serve another person in the lore. Completely dedicated to the success of that other person, even if this means sacrificing themselves. Would prefer such a champion to be a human instead of a robot, tho, since a submissive robot wouldn't have the same feeling, since robots are already constructed to serve. __________________ But as so many Piltovan designs they have pitched in the past, the butler didn't make it.... I don't know why Riot hates Piltover this much that they just toss aside every Piltovan design they come up with, tbh.
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