Is it just me or the Battle Academia event just came and went just like that?

They made it as a new big skin line like project and star guardian, but this just didn't hit the mark, at least for me. It didn't have a good promo, they made some anime trailer only for China or Korea which is weird. Simply it isn't special or memorable. I think the animated trailers, songs, etc. really play a big part in why those skin lines are what they are today. When SG first came out it was an event, everyone knew about it, people returned to the game just for the game mode. The lore fans read the lore, people reading the short bios, blood type, etc, on the promo page. Then the Odyssey event. The trailer came out with no context and it instantly got people interested, then the event came out with missions, lore, great music, PvE. Then project did all of the same things that they previously established as a "standard". Then we have this. Just skins. And they clearly want this to be a big line, but I think they missed the mark. It had little to no promo, they reused the msi music for this and just didn't have anything else besides the skins. I think its more because of the previous events and how they were made and everything and this is just nothing compared to them... It didn't feel like an event. T_T
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