Coin Emperor Kench is literally going to bring me back to League

I have been wanting an East Asian mythology-inspired Tahm skin for 3 years now (he even has a little emperor's hanfu!). I haven't played League in over a month and didn't intend to return until runes were changed but I will return for my beautiful son and him only. I am so happy. Riot skin team, I'm still salty about a few things, but this is a magnificent skin and I cannot wait to get my hands on him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart as a Kench main from day 1. This is a gorgeous piece of artwork; the detail on his face, his recall, his mustache....everything is incredible. Please let me know who did the artwork so that I can thank them in person on twitter or somewhere. ######~~now where are the buffs on PBE Sej and Vayne got them you monsters~~

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