Shen would of been a cool choice as a True Damage DJ

Not going to complain about Yasuo being picked but Shen as a DJ for True Damage had a lot of high potential... I also realise that She's age doesn't really potentially fit the young True Damage band but the concept is cool nonetheless. But that's not much of an issue because in other Skins like Battle Academia where it's also based on young people, Jayce was made significantly younger than what he looks in his Debonair Skin as an example. * Passive Blade Line indicator being a really long active Sound Wave, and once he calls back his Spirit Blade there would be a Sound Wave that gets released from Shen as he is shielded. * Q: Not much Visuals here.. * W: Some sort of Club Dancefloor that is animated making it move to the beat of a song. * E: Dashes leaving behind a Glitch Shadow. * R: A fast forward icon circle appears around him as he teleports to an ally who has a play icon circle around them.
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