Cleavage Issue

So i saw the new Vayne skin. And even its a fictional character i immediately noticed her BIG cleavage. Even i wouldn't complain as a straight guy and grown man, i wonder why it's okay that Vayne has it but Camille not in her latest skin? and no, i am not alone. others recognized the subtle change too. --> So my solution to this is: give either Camille's skin her cleavage back, or reduce it on Vaynes. Easy as that. (Btw i would like to know why you even changed it for Camille, ty) greetings ______ **Edit:** Cause some seem to not understand my point i expain it as short as possible cause i didn't thought its that hard to understand (but maybe its cause i am no native speaker): **i didn't complain about they show too much skin. it's the other way around. its a fictional game with digital champions. and yet Riot removes here and there skin just cause of some loud crying dudes on... reddit or whatever i guess. instead of let the fantasy be.**
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