The choices for the Arcade Event this year prove how safe Riot is playing this season

6/11 PBE Update: Qiyana, Arcade 2019 Skins, and much more!
EXTREMELY !] [STATUS: PBE is currently .] The PBE has been updated! As we start the 9.13 PBE cycle, today's patch includes the newest champion, Qiyana, and her release skin Battle Boss Qiyana, new Arcade skins for Caitlyn, Kai'Sa, Yasuo, and much more! Continue reading for more information! As the skin releases have gone by this year, it's becoming more and more clear that the few risks Riot teased in their Skin video at the beginning of 2019 are literally the *only* risks they will take this year. The Battle Academia choices, the Dark Star choices, and now these. Don't get me wrong, I think these skins work great on their own. The arrogant princess Qiyana being a bombastic Battle Boss? Great! Caitlyn fits well enough, and can reference many old-school shooter games. Although I'm not so sure how I like Kai'Sa's design, I actually think she's an excellent choice for this, especially given the parallels some people have drawn between her and Samus Aran. Her orange outfit might even reference this here. And Yasuo, of course, is an edgy samurai duel boss. And we hate to fight him in game. What could be better? But therein lies the problem. Arcade is one of the few skin lines in the game that can truly fit every single champion, **especially** the Battle Boss subset, which only had two humanoids in it before now, Malzahar and Brand, neither of whom are reputed to be money-maker humanoids like several other champions (and you could debate that Ziggs and Veigar fall into that category too, but much further removed). And the main Arcade heroes themselves have even had Corki and Hecarim in their lineups too, so there's definite room for expansion in the type of people we see saving the pixelated worlds of the Arcade. But instead, this time, we're *only* getting safe moneymakers in this event, instead of a mix of moneymakers and more risky champions. Hell, why wasn't this Zilean's skin for this year? He'd be an awesome reference to the well-known old man from the first Legend of Zelda game, or he could reference any other number of old wizard characters from games. Now, I'm thinking that Zilean will get the Ivern treatment and get some niche skin that will be the only one released in his patch. I mean, I'm still hoping his skin is good, but I fear that it'll be treated like a throwaway in between all the other moneymaking events and skins of the year. And I'm pretty certain that we won't get any more champions with large skin gaps getting any more skins this year. I'm certainly glad that we got ones for Tahm Kench, Corki, and Yorick near the beginning of the year, and that we're getting our promised Shaco skin now (even if I do think he'd fit Battle Boss better, but Dark Star isn't bad), because the rest of the year doesn't seem to be promising much more than the Zilean skin. Maybe, now that he's reworked, we can get something for Mordekaiser if we're lucky, but I'm even having doubts about that now. At least there's still a bit more hope for an Ornn skin, especially for Snowdown this year. Don't fail us on that one ray of hope, Riot!
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