It pains me to see that League of Legends THE GAME is in a state of decline...

The Runeterra IP on the other hand..... The Awaken Cinematic shows just how much work Riot have put into fleshing out this world. You have a Piltover raid squad led (and most likely paid for) by Camille to likely track down a mass murderer that all of a sudden showed up out of nowhere. You have Draven over looking a Noxus arena, and is likely tasked with killing anyone who doesn't fight to their last breath.....a task, mind you, that bores the hell out of him. And you have an Ionian village burning on the horizon as a Noxian army storms through it, while a lowly bunch of farmers gets ready to fight a force that they can't possibly contend with. And I was only able to defer all of that because of how well Runeterra has been developed so far. As time goes on, Riot seems to be moving further and further away from having League of Legends be its own IP, and making Runeterra as a whole be its own thing. Very much like how Blizzard has the entire Warcraft IP made.....its not just World of Warcaft the game, it's Azeroth as a whole, and the entire ever evolving story that goes with it. In fact, it's starting to feel as if the term *League* of Legends isn't all too fitting now for Runeterra as a whole. Too bad Riot is stuck with it.
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