"Sex sells" is legitimate as long as it does not hinder character identity/theme/coherence

Kayle and Morgana: The Righteous and the Fallen | Champion Gameplay Trailer - League of Legends
Two sisters born from the Aspect of Justice chose divergent paths. Only the guilty need fear them.
Making a champion attractive because it's part of their identity and story is due. {{champion:103}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:28}} Making a champion attractive for no particular reason is fine. {{champion:22}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:117}} ------------------------ *Where i draw the line is when making a champion attractive actively thwarts who they are supposed to be and what they're supposed to represent.* -------------------------- We already had similar examples in LoL, some were discussed more others not so much: {{champion:517}} "I was unjustly imprisoned as a child and was force fed steroids and protein shakes for 15 years. Now me and my sculpted body want revenge via COMMUNIST REVOLUTION" {{champion:145}} "this super tight latex suit i wear, V-neckline included, is actually an otherwordly parasitic abomination that fuses and feeds with and through my skin. It also gives me superpowers" *Now again, i don't have any problem with HOW those above look. I have a problem when comparing said looks with their backstory and their identity. Being so sexy and sharp, Kai'sa kinda kills any "void survivor" traits she would like to have, and for Sylas to be straight out of a Calvin Klein commercial kind of ruins the struggles he had to suffer in his long imprisonement. Those elements would provide depth to their personas but in that way they are lost.* ----------------------- Coming to the expected topic, Kayle presents the same issue in my opinion. While Morgana looks amazing, and her sex appeal is very fitting, the same sex appeal on Kayle is the exact opposite of **what i firmly belive she should be**. I am disappointed but not surprised, because that's not the first time Riot puts a champion's (external) likeability before logic or character cohesion. Kayle has always been an entity outside (and above) of gender. An androgynous figure absorbed in her ideals and purpose. [The parallel with Samus Aran is unavoidable here]. Kayle was strikingly beautiful... angelic regardless of wings **but** completely unintrested in showing her appearence. A winged full-armored knight you could look at, and see only honor, duty, justice, composure, battle prowess and glory. When i first started to play LoL years ago, i first discovered Kayle to be female with her "unmasked" skin. Her clash with Morgana was not only about **freedom**, but also about **identity and personal expression**; Morgana's provocative outfit, albeit wretched, was a striking and precious further point of contrast with her sister's total refusal to "admit" her femininity. Kayle rework gives her yet another tight latex suit with some armor elements that are even removed as she ascends. She's hotter for sure, and any eteroxesual male could argue that this is an improvement... but does she embody justice as well as she did before? Is Kayle's identity enriched by her newfound femininity, or is it detrimental?

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