From Metal, to KPop, to Hip Hop. Props to everyone who worked each band skin

Every band released, they always blow it out of the park. I know people have different tastes, and each band is not for everyone, but can we give a huge amazing props to the the Production team, music team and design team for creative amazing skins and music. It’s actually so diverse, seeing types of genres being explored so actually well. True Damage for me hit the hip hop genre on the spot. From the rap flows, to rhythm drops and lyrics, the band and singers nailed everything to the style. I would not compare K/DA and True Damage or Pentakill because they’re both different styles and would not be fair. I’m happy they’re moving to this direction with music. Songs like Awkaen and Phoenix should also give a huge shoutout to them too. I’m excited for what next in the future of music in league, and now other games too.

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