the new skin line and champion choices

ok so pretty much the skin lines this year had terrible champion choices, i don’t care what you say, they were hot garbage, champions getting their second skin of the same season, Kaisa getting her 5th damn skin within 18 months of release, and this skin line probably has the most controversial choices of all. Qiyana- was released less than 6 months ago and already is getting 2 more skins, if she doesn’t get another skin for at least 1 year then i’ll let this choice slide Senna- Senna is getting this skin with her release, so i think it’s fair to give her this one Ekko- He got one last year during Harrowing, but i do think it is fair for him to get this skin because his only permanent in-shop epic skin is Project Ekko and that was released quite a while back Yasuo- To be honest, this choice would be very fair if yasuo never got that unnecessary battle boss skin which would’ve worked so much better with Vel’koz or Xerath, but no more skins for yasuo. I’m telling you, as a NA yasuo player, no one, not me, or my yas main friends are asking for another fucking yasuo skin. When we see he gets another one we don’t go “Yay! a new yas skin!”, we say “ha, another yasuo skin i won’t have smh”. seriously, stop fucking feeding yasuo with skins holy shit Akali- Worst skin choice of the year so far imo. she got 2 skins last year, which were a 10/10 in design and choosing, but not only did she already get a skin 4 months ago, but this is her second music star/band skin? wtf were you thinking riot. Fucking draven or some shit would’ve been fine with this skin and it would’ve sold twice as more than this akali skin will. Anyways, i hope you guys understand my struggle with these shitty as choices for skins.
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