Aether Wings Kayle

Kayle's rework has some really cool part, but her legendary skin really isn't one. Personally I dislike the model, disklike the sfx and absolutely hate her voiceline (even if base kayle voiceline is kinda boring, at least she doesn't make me cringe and roll eye every time she says something). I know that this may be completely personal, but I really dislike the legendary skin, while I loved the previous one. On top, base kayle just seems to have been worked a lot more that Aether wings. The wings animation is way better, the exalted visuals is better too, And she seems much more dynamic. Before the rework, Aether wings kayle had better animation, with that cool right-left sword swing, but now it seems that Aether wings is the base skin and Base kayle the legendary one... I'm kinda disappointed, because I really liked Aether wings kayle style... I think I red that sfx will be changed, but anyway it doesn't fix her pathetic voice line. I understand that a skin reworked cannot receive as much work as a new skin, but Nunu Bot at least had cool new visuals and voiceline, while there is really nothing that makes me want to play Aether Wings... In fact I think that Aether Wings Kayle looks a lot more like what Riot Kayle should be, with her order keeping obsession and the blue/lighning effects. Edit: Also on her splash, she seems nice and cool, not the angry jerk she is in game...
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