The reason the new PROJECT splashes look so different is because the colors/contrast is WAY off

So to start off, let's go over what colors make up the past PROJECT skins. Let me post some from each line to get my point across. What do all the color schemes have in common? I see huge contrast with the dark blacks and greys, to the bright whites, neons, etc. It feels very much like a neon future. But... These new splashes are very grey, lack contrast, the neons are not pronounced at ALL. It seems like there are way too many greys and midtones compared to the rest. For me, this completely makes the splashes look way worse just based on the colors chosen. They also kind of seem to lack the 'polish' of the other PROJECT skins for some reason? I dont know if Riot will even change this as It would require heavy changes to the original art, so im kind of disappointed. You could argue it was an art choice to fit them being 'outsiders', but that doesnt seem to be whats coming across. The result is there just being a lack of interest as theres just no contrast.

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