Possible VFX tweak for Trundle's new Dragonslayer skin

Dragonslayer Trundle Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends
I am an avid Trundle player and very happy with the fact that Trundle is getting his first epic skin in around 10 years and cause of that i really want some features to be added to this skin to make it memorable. Similar to Zyra's Dragon Sorceress skin, Trundle has dragon wings, but they only sprout out of his body during his recall. I loved that concept about the newer Dragon slayer skins. Almost as if the more dragons they kill, the more they turn into one. This couldn't be more true for Trundle since he is a troll and in this universe lore, he probably consumes dragons for all we know. This is also reflected in his kit with his Q being a bite and all. I believe however Trundle should have the right for more additional VFX that really shows he has some aspects of a dragon. With that i propose the following: 1. Allowing Trundle to sprout dragon wings throughout the duration of his ultimate ability. Similar to the way Zyra unfolds her wings during the casting of her E. 2. Secondly, i believe that similar to how some other skins have alterations to their voice, like how the Project skin line implements a robotic voice-over for their respective champions, Trundle's voice during his R animation could use more of a "dragon roar" when he casts it. This would really sell the prospect of "Dragon slayer" and would fit nicely with the more recent reworked dragon slayer skins like Pantheon (who literally becomes a straight up dragon when he uses Grand Starfall). Overall, very impressive skin. But adding these would be the icing on the cake and would make a lot of Trundle players happy i hope. (Also maybe some special interaction when he obtains elder buff since his color scheme really reflects that of an elder dragon)

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