Welp, fuck Star Guardian lore.

Ezreal supposed to be the first boy, oh but then there's Rakan. lmfao I'm sure some people are happy since this re opens the possibility for Taric to be added as a mentor guardian. Here's Zoe close up https://i.redd.it/njddp3oucui31.png Heres a close up render of Xayah and Rakan btw. https://i.redd.it/vjz952iz0ui31.png it'sr really annoying because I wanted Xayah and Rakan to be guardians eventually, but why fuck the lore over? Interesting to note that although Xayah should be Blue, she's green since Rakan apparently giving her his light. Which is to say SGs can trade colors by trading gems. Wait, Neeko is also green: https://i.redd.it/tamn1wiqeui31.png Why are all 3 of them green?
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