As an Ionia fan, please stop for a while when you hit 20 Ionian champions.

Yeah, I hate it as much as everyone else. I adore Ionia, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Its just getting to be too much at this point. I mean, I get it though. The Asian servers probably have more players than the rest of the servers combined. Asian culture and media is extremely popular. Its not really Riot's fault that people just eat up all the Ionian content they dish out. People just like that stuff, and Riot wants to make stuff people like. That being said, though. I will accept the fawn jungler **or** the mysterious masked figure if one of them is Ionian, cause that would make that champion the 20th Ionian champion, and that's where I'm drawing the line. However, if **both** of them are Ionian, I'm gonna be pissed. I don't care how cute and/or hot they are. Not gonna like it if they're both Ionian. Same goes for the unannounced champions of 2020. If 1 more is Ionian, making 20 Ionians, I won't be mad. Any more than that, though, like I said, not gonna be happy. I and many others proved that we can wait a year for more Ionian champions in 2019. I would gladly do that again for even longer if it means the more neglected regions get more champions.
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