Riot: Yeah we'd really like to develop Vlad's theme, lots of potential, maybe one day. Other games:

[]( By the trends every gaming company BUT Riot will have an updated version of Vlad/Bloodlord Vlad. Blizzard did it in 2017, most MOBAs have one that looks 10x better/more modern, this just came out. Meanwhile the most famous one here {{champion:8}} just has to look like a low poly turnip with VO and animations from 2010. It's sad Riot is so blind to the treasures in their own vault and so eager to ignore them in favor of inferior material, especially now that vampires are coming back into vogue. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} EDIT: I don't mean to sound unappreciative of the new high quality skin, or all the great work that got done for LoR... Especially the latter, which was stellar in every way, except for the outdated character design that marred it, and it's a pity. It hurts to know how perfect it could be. EDIT2: Sorry for typos seeing this image short circuited my brain
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