I actually really like Zoe (hear me out)

Now, I know what you're thinking; this dude is nuts. {{champion:142}} Zoe's overwhelming. She's loud, obnoxious, all over the place, over the top cartoonish, and straight up doesn't even belong in League. The word, "Disney Princess," comes to mind for a little to mind for a lot of people. And while I respect other people's opinions and likes and dislikes, I finally found the specific reason why I truly love Zoe as a champion, and it's because she reminds me of Ed. If you don't know Cowboy Bebop, I understand if you don't know who Ed is, but for those who do, she's truly a treasure. Cowboy bebop is an anime from the late 90's to early 00's, that was a part of many teenagers' childhoods. All the characters were relatable, all of them felt well, like people. I can never truly explain how a television show, especially a cartoon, could make me feel, laugh, and even at one point, cry before. Now I know, im a weirdo because I cried at an anime lol, I know, funny right xd. But there's this character on the show, named Ed, that I truly loved growing up. I could never choose a favorite out of the 5 main characters of Cowboy Bebop since they all have a special place in my heart, but Ima dedicate this one to Ed. Ed is, well, in the show, Ed is a break from reality. Cowboy Bebop, while being a cluster of multiple genres, keeps a consistent noir tone throughout the show, which can really drag you in and never let go in the show, though Ed was a refreshing break from all the breakneck action. The second time I ever actually cried at a t.v. show was when Ed and Ein (Spoiler Alert) leave to go on their own journey. I was never more emotionally saddened, and how subtle the other characters deal with their loss really impacts you. I loved Ed and Ein, I still do, though it really saddened me to see them go at the time :( . But then. A mage came along. I always loved league characters, they're probably my favorite aspect of league, and of course I was excited to see the new champion added to the roster, but when I saw Zoe, my face lit up like a Christmas tree. She was everything I could imagine from a goofy little girl like Ed. While you can't draw dozens of parallels, I see a few resemblances between the two, and it really made me smile. :D So uh, yeah, that's why I actually enjoy Zoe as she is. I truly respect if you don't like her, you probably have good reason to, but I wish you enjoyed my reasons for liking Zoe. :)
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