Genuinely Confused

Removing everything magical about the Cottontail Teemo splash for a cheap knockoff was bad. Giving Sakura and Sun Goddess Karma the weeaboo treatment was also pretty bad. Giving Renegade Talon the face of a corpse while simultaneously toning down Karthus's corpse-face was definitely tragic. But Musketeer Twisted Fate? Really? From this; to this? For the other skins, they weren't exactly upgrades stylistically but I can see how somebody on the less artistic side may have seen the higher definition of the new splashes and thought; "Yeah, those are better." But this? Going from a dynamic, well-composed piece of decent quality to that? Going from a piece that tells a story to a piece that you could easily swap out for any cheap mobile game? If I'm being completely honest, one of my favourite parts about League has been the splash arts. I save my favourites on my computer and set them as my backgrounds, and I've always appreciated the quality and artistry that seemingly went into all of them, even excusing the occasional anatomical anomaly. But I'm sorry, I don't understand nor can I support the decisions that somebody with functioning eyeballs must be making. I just can't comprehend them. For now the splash card for Musketeer TF seems to be the original, but the one that shows up on the client under TF is the other one and that worries me. There's enough complaints about _at least_ the Cottontail Teemo splash to warrant a change, I'd think; Riot did as much for the Fiora splash. (Granted, that was slightly more drastic of a change, but still just as offensive) I don't usually input on things like this but I just can't fathom anybody supporting these changes.

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