Riot trying to be mysterious about Bandle City is killing support for it by the community.

Even the Void gets alot of lore through Shurima. But Bandle City gets almost nothing. The big lore update for the Yordles earlier this year barely gave us anything. We don't have a Region Icon, our last new champion isn't even a Yordle the models and interactions are completely outdated, Some of the Yordles are still on the pre-Megling lore side. For crying out loud Corki has been popular for so long and yet many don't even recognize him as a Yordle it's so bad. We have very few stories, most of which only cover Tristana, it's no wonder not as many people care about Bandle City. Where is the love for this region? Yordles are a unique race Riot created that has so many fans but feels forgotten. Keeping the region mysterious isn't adding to it, it's making it irrelevant to the world. Bandle City shouldn't be a forgotten side region, it's one of the Original regions that helped start League. It deserves better than this.
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