So, Riot.....about that Silver Kayle...

I know, I know, your hands are tied in selling it again, did pull a couple strings with Pax Sivir. you think it's at all possible to do the same thing with Silver Kayle? Obviously, the legalities of the 2 skins could be completely different to where, unlike Pax Sivir, you can't even sell a damn chroma of the skin. But, *COME ON*. You're making a *LOT* of people jealous right now. Because *THIS*... up there with some of the best splash arts this game has ever seen. Like....there are plenty of other silver colored, titanium, steel......hell, it doesn't even have to be silver, you can make her bronze or gold, and it would still work (You made Pax Sivir orange for Neo Pax Sivir)! Just.....PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEEE!!!! There are plenty of us that never even knew your game existed around that time, and thus, had no chance to get Silver Kayle! You gotta do something for the rest of us, if you're going to make a skin like *THAT*!
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