I want to know more about H.I.V.E.

There was a champion concept, which Riot cancelled and reworked the idea into the champions Camille and Kai'Sa, this champion was Husk, the H.I.V.E. commander. https://cdna.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/012/624/100/large/michael-maurino-husk-1.jpg?1535689110 It is pretty obvious that Husk will never get implemented now (GOD DAMN IT!), but I still think that expanding on H.I.V.E. would be great... First mentioned in Twitch' colour story, we had no information about H.I.V.E. whatsoever except the name. With the details to this champion concept, it seems that it is a team of mercenaries in Zaun. And the team seems to consist of chemtech augmented soldiers with insect designs, like Husk was clearly designed after a wasp. This has so much potential for me, I hope they can use this story hook again. A bunch of chemtech insect badasses in Zaun would be amazing to read about. Also, what do the letters H.I.V.E. stand for? I want to know more about all this, don't just let it die, Riot! Stop denying their existence!
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