Why Are Folks Sl*t-Shaming Kayle?

like...ok look for the past few days folks have been losing their minds over kayle's new look. i can understand if you don't like the design, but saying that the main goal of the rework was to make her sexier and crusading on that note is just fucking dumb and distasteful. like, why kayle and not morg? they ACTUALLY sexualized morg MORE (note: i do not MIND what they did for morg, but they did make her sexier.) but i dont see anyone pointing at morg with the same zeal, only kayle, and i don't get it. i just want to understand where you guys are coming from. less armor/more latex? thats hardly even latex, its a hard-leather patting UNDER ARMOR. thats what half-plate looks like in my head when i am playing D&D. its not like riot gave her miss fortune honkers with massive cleavage. its not like they gave her a TITANIC BA-DONK like kai'sa. i just don't get it. now...with all that at the side, please, let us discuss WHY you feel that way about kayle. no bull-shit about "riot wanted to make her hotter" or "sex sells", WHY do YOU as your own HUMAN PERSON feel that kayle is hotter now, and if so, why is that a bad thing for her and not morg? thank you for your time, and lets keep it clean...awwww fuck it, knock-out-drag-out it is!
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