Lets talk about Khada Jhin.. seriously.

Hello everyone, i hope you are all lore lovers and hopefully a lot more informed than i am on the topic Jhin {{champion:202}} . Jhin {{champion:202}} has been my love ever since he got released. From his shape, clothes, voice, whispers, laughs, lines, skills, skins and all the way to the lore. The problem is that i need more. In everything that was given to us about Khada Jhin {{champion:202}} , all that i learned is that he's an artist that has an obsession with the number 4. His audience and puppets are selected by him, not random, and maybe he even has some kind of purpose (?) to killing these victims. Competition? Jealousy? Something from the past? What has shaped Jhin {{champion:202}} into an artistic murderer? From his speech, he's clearly educated. Maybe even coming from a rich family when he was a kid. How did he grow up into this person? Who did he meet along the way? Well, i have a lot more questions than just that. But what really drove me to write this topic are 2 main things. 1: The Camille comic. In her comic (go read it if you haven't yet), there is a weird man that she calls a baron, but my heart skipped a beat at the thought of that man being Jhin {{champion:202}} . I froze here in my chair and studied the man carefully. His mask is... different? Or maybe that's his real face? His hair is long.. and his clothes are a bit different, with that huge, um.. hole in his heart? So maybe it wasn't him. Or at least i hope it wasn't him, as Camille easily killed him. He deserves more than that. Way more. And i think for the sake of fans, no LoL characters should be killed off in the comics. Otherwise my heart will bleed out and dry. And 2: I actually started writing my own Jhin {{champion:202}} lore, the base being the official story we get from LoL, with Zed {{champion:238}} and Shen {{champion:98}} as his rivals. From where the story left off, when they were supposed to battle, i continued only a little bit, but before i get to the action part, i want to know if there are more informations on Jhin {{champion:202}} , as i want to stay as true as possible to the man he really is in the League world. I also want to stay true to who each character is because i have a lot of respect for the characters and their creators. TLDR; Are there any other lore sources for Jhin {{champion:202}} ? And am i allowed to write lore? I hope they're not copyright protected because i'll write the shit out of my husbando. Thanks! Oh, one more thing, sorry if my english isn't always correct gramatically, i'm not english/american/canadian at all.
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