Alright folks, this is going to be a big one; Let's talk ALL the current Tier 1 VGU priority champs

Okay this isn't going to be super indepth or anything, mostly due to the sheer size of that VGU list and my lack of deeper knowledge on most of these VGU candidates. Regardless, I'll try to present some of my thoughts on their potential and champion identity and **highly** encourage you guys to participate in this discussion as you probably got more to contribute than me! And no, I'm not going to hop unto a different forgotten champion train, nor rename. **Mordekaiser was, is and will always be my baby and nothing will ever change that!** But anyway, let's get into this one, it'll be quite the ride :P (I sadly wasn't able to find the proper sources for most of the art used in this thread, but they're all from google image search :P ) ___________________________________________ #Shyvana **50% Dragon** **50% Human** **100% Supah hot fire!** Shyvana's spot on this list is most likely due to one major factor, which is her **untapped potential**. Like many champions waiting for a VGU she has a strong thematic niche that just isn't filled to its maximum capacity due to several reasons, be it lacking visuals, kit or narrative. Shyvana is suffering from the first two. When you think about a tough, fiery warrior gal who transforms into a hulking dragon you wouldn't think she'd be primarily a champion who just runs at you really fast and tries to kill you with a million small chunks of damage. You'd expect mighty cleaves, fiery dragon magic, fierce combat prowess, physically imposing and very impressive feats of strength and of course all the cool things that come with the high moment of **turning into a fucking dragon on the battlefield!** This is a very resonant thematic that many people would love to play as if the gameplay and visuals actually lived up to the expectations set by this particular champion. Now, I adore Shyvana but for efficiency's sake I won't be able to go into depth about what I'd personally want to see in her VGU. That being said, I'd love to play up that dual nature of hers and make the transformation based on a milestone system instead of her just turning into a dragon at the snap of a finger. Have her have some middle stages between mostly human looking form to full on dragon, incorporating stronger spells/ability effects and of course evolving visuals until we finally get her to be reborn in a fiery explosion, emerging as a mighty beast. Also, amp up her muscles riot, don't be afraid of giving your ladies some bulk! >:( ____________________________________________ #Shaco His fanbase would probably lynch me if they caught me talking about anything they'd personally dislike. Shaco is currently a meme champion, his mains falling into a very specific stereotype, which isn't surprising since his kit does not really offer much except that ONE way to play him. Shaco is an interesting champion with many avenues to explore his theme of a demonic jester, League's very own Joker character. Be it haunted puppet, some weird demonic entity or anything in between, there's a lot of ways to give Shaco that ONE unique twist that makes him stand out as something unique to League of Legends. In terms of gameplay, yes it didn't age well, at all! He's binary, lives and dies on the enemies not respecting him and offers very little to his team, while it is definitely a unique playstyle, it makes for a very bad kit to pick up and does not offer much in terms of satisfaction beyond trolling the enemy. _______________________________________ #Rammus Ok. ____________________________________________ #Dr. Mundo The Madman of Zaun is also a very resonant character fantasy, but one that seemed to have been retconned in recent events. His new lore makes him out to always have been a masochistic monstrosity instead of his old one showcasing him as mad scientist who turned himself into what's basically Mister Hyde. That being said, Mundo is a weird one, really. His entire thing is regeneration, which could totally be something his kit and theme would both be built around...get it, like muscles and sinew around a bare-bones idea?...forget it.... Basically, Mundo could very well remain somewhat of a macabre comedy character, using his affinity for masochistic tendencies and mad regeneration in creative ways that would make for something disgusting, revolting but hilarious in some ways. Definitely a character with some really interesting ideas to be explored! ______________________________ #Pantheon! One of the Targonian aspects, but one that does not share any kind of love for his hosts like his brethren do. Which makes him very interesting on a **Narrative** standpoint. Yes, his kit is bland, boring and very binary BUT I'd personally be most interested in his story and character rather than what gameplay fantasy he'd portray. Still, it'd be one of **martial prowess** as the celestial aspect of War itself, which would fit well with a more skirmisher type of approach mixed with some diver elements that make him be a force to be reckoned with. **Give him a bloody gladius to use alongside his spear and shield, make him chuck his starlight spear and have him use his sidearm, be creative about it!** But as I said, his personality would be extremely interesting to explore. Why does he not allow himself to share a body with his mortal host, was it because of past experiences, are we going to get some insight into his past as the aspect of war...And are we going to get something akin to the recent Venom movie with a similar dynamic between host and parasite with the aspect Pantheon and Atreus?! _____________________________ #Corki Honestly? I have no bloody clue about any of this.... Like, please... ________________________________ #Udyr The Spiritwalker. One of the most boring champions who's basically just a walking auto attack with four different flairs to it. He could really benefit from a more intuitive stance system that would make him a very adaptable champion who channels primal spirits into a mortal form during combat. Amp up his fantasy of a Shaman archetype, one that fits better into the freljord. We've already explored different manifestations of totem magic, with Ashe being close to Anivia and thus having ice birds and Braum summoning Ornn's ram symbols. Have Udyr incorporate ALL of those Freljordian demigod totems into his kit! Make him an actually interesting representation of that champion fantasy! __________________________________ #Volibear Someone might heavily disagree with me on that but Voli is in dire need of a VGU. He's aged poorly and his champion identity is a bloody mess. It's basically just "armoured bear". And with Riot pushing the Freljordian demigod angle, this is a prime time to explore what exactly Volibear is supposed to be in league's universe. As what we've seen so far, he's not really on good terms with Ornn, Volibear is a deity of war and conflict, the "Thousand Pierced Bear" and something that basically turns humans into berserkers. This is a very interesting angle that could be explored by giving him a character to reflect a darker, more twisted and a lot more brutal side of the Freljord. One that might fit Sejuani's ideals and would give us a lot of great narrative avenues to be explored! Also come on, skewered bear with lighting aesthetics? It'd look bloody sick! _____________________________________ #Fiddlesticks I love him. He's great. Give him some twisted lore rework expanding on the current ghastly tale and give him a kit that revolves entirely around making his enemies crap their pants! _________________________________ #Nocturne A nefarious nightmare that haunts the one place where we're supposed to be safe; our very dreams! Nocturne's identity as a nightmare demon could use some work and he could benefit from a kit that reflects this primal fear of haunting one's sleep! His Kit is very binary and apart from his ultimate, doesn't really offer anything interesting. He could do with some more fleshing out in terms of WHAT exactly he is and what role he plays withing the broader demon lineup. On a gameplay level he really needs to pick between being a Diver or an Assassin! ____________________________ #Cho'Gath Probably THE Void champion, Ch'Gath is one of League's oldest characters and it's really showing. His visuals are really outdated and his character is very far from being fleshed out properly! Cho, in my opinion, should be the very first Voidborn who set foot on Runeterra, the creature that has persisted through millenia since the first void rift was made, growing into this nightmarish eldritch terror by devouring whatever he came across. This should be reflected in his gameplay, making him grow not only in size throughout the entire game, but also evolving his shape, starting out as a pitiful, thin void apparition and steadily growing into this hulking mass of hardened carapace and mountainous strands of flesh and spikes. His Vo should change as well to reflect that change. Have him be kind of naive, dumb and very primal at first, growing and evolving into something scarily cunning and backed up by countless years of experience in a world so strange from his place of birth in an eldritch womb. Make him be truly what would happen if a voidling would survive this long in Runeterra, growing into a hulking Juggernaut that backs up raw mass with ingenious wit. ~~Make Gentleman Cho canon!~~ _______________________________ #Skarner,h_692,q_70,strp/the_scar_of_war_by_blazemalefica_d6ty2k9-fullview.jpg I love Skarner and he's the only champion on this list I have mastery 7 on. But I absolutely despise his gameplay. What draws me to the ol' scorpion is frankly his lore and his VO. Skarner is a fish out of water, a gentle creature with ageless knowledge born through an intimate bond with the planet itself...forced to learn violence by the hands of those who sought his kinds lifecrystals, causing him to seek out the thieves and reclaim his lost people. All the while treading in a strange world that does not remember his kind, and one that does not have any sympathy for him. He is THE character that should remain fully melancholic and be something we can truly relate to. A monstrous creature with a gentle heart. I could go on about Skarner but nothing would be able to paint a better picture than his Vo so give it a listen. On a gameplay level, he really needs a proper new niche with cooler abilities. He currently only runs at you, tries spamming his q and drag you back with his r, basically just a different Shyvana or Udyr. We could really benefit from amping up the scorpion thematic for him! _____________________________________ But that's all for now, what are your personal thoughts on the matter? MM out.
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