Champion Login Themes may actually be songs from Runterra, existing in the lore's canon.

In the past, Ornn has been teased with the song "[Path to Heath-Home](", which is very similar to [Ornn's Login Theme]( Later, when Nunu and Willump got their VGU and with the appearance of Layka (Nunu's mother) in the lore, it was confirmed that Layka was the one that sung Path to Hearth-Home, establishing the existence of the song as canon in the lore. We have numerous other Champion Login Themes existing and I wondered, are there any other Champion Login Themes that are alternate/modernized/etc versions of song from Runeterra? I could totally see Camille's theme being originally a Trio for Violins from a Piltovan composer, Xayah and Rakan's theme being originally a traditional Vastayan dance song, etc...
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