Has there been a best Champion competition yet?

I know I have seen some of the music videos created about Yasuo and Draven beating everyone else, and the CG stuff Riot has made as well, but has there been an all out slobber knocker where all of the champs fought and one person won? If there was, does anyone know who came out on top? If there was not, who do you think would come out on top and why? If you say the Cat champ or Zoe it will just annoy me, so please don't. Also I think Teemo, and Shaco are pretty annoying and can be OP in game but they realistically wouldn't beat everyone. {{champion:24}} Jax seems like a good candidate given his lore makes him an ultimate badass, but {{champion:86}} Garen and{{champion:122}} Darius are pretty bad ass too. {{champion:112}} Viktor seems like a Champ that has a lot going on, and could hold his own in an all out battle. I think it would be a difficult thing to determine though, there are so many champs and they have so many pros and cons to really consider. Anything could happen.
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