I am at my limit

I am not alone when I say its horribly lazy and obvious to what riot is doing here. They are playing favoritism rather than making a product that we as the players care about. Alot of people love the SG skin line and feel that this entry into the new line is awful, they wanted to make corrupted SG skins and then completely passed up the opportunity to use darker champions that originally were assumed to never be able to get a SG skin, like Evelynn, Elise, Morgana, Vayne, etc. They passed it up in order to play the popularity game giving ANOTHER skin to Zoe, Xayah, and Rakan. I'm actually fine with Neeko getting her first skin this way. When is the last versus event we had? wouldn't it had been amazing to see Corrupted vs SG? Wouldn't it had been amazing if they took the corrupted in a direction that made sense? Instead, its a shameless, aggravating, lazy cashgrab. First it was project now its SG each getting the favoritism treatment. It makes me seriously question what the hell riot is doing now, Eternals, Slow balancing, Clearly biased skins, and more. League is still a huge game and one of the largest Esports of all time, and yet here they are acting as though they are tight for money, monetizing their game like a shitting mobile ripoff. Riot needs to recall these skins, they need to recall Eternals, and take a big long look at what they have been doing to the community, to its player base, and to itself. People want to work for something, people want to see new things, and people want to play your game and enjoy it. Quit Being Lazy

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