Any Rioters able to tell me some languages of Runeterra??

As someone who loves the world building lore and is a foreign language and linguistics major, Can someone help me understand if our real world languages exist on Runeterra? MF's exo sang in russian, Fiora has a french accent, Yasuo speaks something japanese sounding "ancient ionian dialect". Karma speaks an "ancient ionian dialect". the way to form rek'sai and the name kassadin are ancient shuriman. I mean aside from English, do languages such as French and Japanese exist in this world? Are there languages particular to each region and dialects across them? Is this an aspect of lore and world building thats been looked into? I don't expect riot to create an extensive conlang for each "country" but i am interested in the idea of this for my personal sanic oc champion concepts, as I call them. I know Ezreal is an archaeologist so I imagine there is higher education and specialization to pursue, so I'd think there would be some form of anthropology or linguistics to study in the realm of runeterra. Any deeper information on runeterran languages would be appreciated. even if its saying its possible for lets say a shuriman to go to university and learn a bilgewater dialect or something. idk.
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