It's Been Two Years Since Xayah & Rakan Were Released

Happy (second) birthday/anniversary to Xayah and Rakan! Two years already? Where did my time go?!? This vastayan couple must have stolen it. And despite the chaos that's happened lately with these two (not going to go into details, because today is their day, not our time to argue over random things), they are still - and likely always will be - my favorites. (Also, there is a bit of merch for them on the site right now, go take a look!) These two champions have become important to us for a number of reasons. For a number of us, it's because they've finally brought the play style we wanted to League. As a proud Xayah main with over one million mastery points on the champion, I certainly can say that I found the exact champion kit I needed with her. And for a smaller group within Xayah and Rakan's player base, something more impactful and important has happened. Some have found friends because of them. Others have found family. And a lucky few have found love because of this unique couple. Like I said last year, feel free to share your moments and memories as either Xayah or Rakan (or from both, if you've played both the Rebel and the Charmer), and I likely will stop by from time to time to add memories of my own. (Before you ask me why I didn't put the SSG splash here, it's because I'm focusing on the vastayan duo today. I'd say that's fair.) Have a great day, everyone, and see you on the Rift! EDIT: Well, it's no longer 4/19, the birthday is over. But now it’s time to start another year with these two!
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