The new Karma bio

{{champion:43}} So, let's talk about Karma... {{champion:43}} **(SPOILER ALERT: We're going to make some changes)** We updated the backstories of four Ionian champions to accompany the Irelia VGU earlier this month, including the Enlightened One. As with all of these now-regular faction updates, I hope it's becoming clear that there is no template for the type or amount of content we publish - to be quite honest and open, we Narrative folks are experimenting with ways to get new lore out to you... :-) I've said this plenty before now, but we genuinely DO welcome feedback, because it helps us to figure out when we're doing something right, and also when you would like us to try harder. I try to keep up with posts on here, and on Reddit, Twitter etc, and I know there are some of you who don't like the new Karma bio. Full disclosure, we had intended to deliver some more story content for her at the same time, but that didn't happen - we have limits on time, resources and promotional space that we have to bear in mind when working on this sort of thing. And, in this case, the plan changed mid-flight. We ended up not telling her whole story, and that's not good enough when so many players are so invested in her as a champion, and as a character in the wider Runeterra setting. So we're going to update Karma's lore again. No, we're not going to retcon it - we're going to _improve_ it. Will we do this for any/every champion that gets negative feedback? Heck no. Sorry. Sometimes we're doing something for a specific reason, with a specific goal in mind... but in this case, my personal feeling is that we only delivered half the picture in Karma's update. But, luckily, that's something I can make sure gets fixed. As always, we just need to figure out a patch where we can re-release it - that's the only reason it's not coming out today. But we hear you. And we're on it.
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