What champs are special to u?

This includes champions that you first mained, first m7, champs that you stuck with no matter what meta or no matter how good they are, anything that you have special or hold dear with that champ here are mine 1. {{champion:19}} - he was my first bought champion in this game, he taught me how to jungle, he was my VERY first main back when I played in pre season 8 that's when I started playing, I still enjoy this champion even when I lose with him something about being a hungry blood thirsty predator really peaked my interest in this game and I will love this game forever no matter how unbalanced it is 2. {{champion:98}} - Shen holds a very special place in my heart as I have mained/played him for over a year now and I am very surprised on how he stuck with me throughout my journey of league and just like Warwick made me love this game, Shen's play style and purpose in the rift really matched my play style as a protector of his teammates. He may not be a flashy assasin ninja like zed or alkali but in my eyes he is the best ninja in the whole game plus his lore is cool too 3. {{champion:432}} - Now this one OOOOOOH boy I had many good times with, I've done so many shit with bard, he started making the support role more fun for me and the kickstarter to my support career in league I can't really describe how he holds special to me but he does
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