My take/issue with the new PROJECT reveal

If you don't know by now, the PROJECT teaser for this year dropped. In it, we saw what was confirmed to be Pyke joining in the series, along with teasers for Jinx, Irelia and Akali. There is also word spreading around that Warwick is secretly a fifth champ joining in, not sure if this is found in the source code, hidden image of the video or whatever, but we're getting 5 champs added to the series. Now, getting more PROJECT skins I don't mind that much. It's a pretty decent series, ties in with a good chunk of other series, like Battlecast and Program if I recall (could be wrong). What I do take issue with are the champions selected for this year, mainly the big ~~four~~ three : Pyke, Jinx, & Akali. Pyke should be pretty obvious for two reasons: he's a still recently new champ & he already got a skin this year. This is a very similar issue I have with Kai'Sa, she previously had gotten K/DA back in November and then got another skin just a few weeks ago (that's not counting her Esports skin she also got recently). I'm fairly certain Pyke is popular and whatnot but when Riot keeps choosing the recently released and/or popular champs for skins, it just feels like they're not trying anything for the rest of the roster. I mean, could they really not try and give this spot to someone like Kassadin, who has gone without a new skin for quite sometime, or Talon, who would fit perfectly in this addition to the series? Jinx and Akali are essentially similar in that they haven't even gone a full year after they got new skins (Odyssey for Jinx in Sept, K/DA again for Akali in Nov). Again, it feels like Riot doesn't want to try. They're playing it way too safe in picking these champs instead of maybe giving it to other champs that would still fit in, like Draven and Olaf. Irelia I won't go on much since she's kind of mixed for me. On the one hand if we do count her Esports skin, it just feels a bit much to me. On the other hand if we don't count it (like a lot of people do), her last skin was over a year ago and we have been asking for this concept for a while now so...meh? All that's really left is to see if people are right about Warwick because if that is true, I'm curious as to how it'll look. I mean, the PROJECT series has mostly been, up to this point, humans. Warwick isn't exactly human anymore so I'm curious as to how this will be handled. Overall, I'm not that excited for this set of skins again. Much like Arcade, it just feels like Riot is catering too much and playing it too safe. Maybe in the next few batches of skins this year we'll see more variety and love to champs who need it, but as of now I'm just not interested.
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