Things that could easily make Varus more Darkin like

[]( ## BOW The visuals of the Bow can be changed drastically to be more lifelike similar to * Aatrox's {{champion:266}} Sword (has a beating heart) * Rhaast's Scythe (has an eye that blinks). >*** My suggestion based on this one Fan-Art of Bloodmoon Varus that I saw (by: senkothefan)...[] Is to make his weapon Half Bow, Half Beast like. Such a change would allow the following... * Allow the Beast like Bow to make Growling/Roaring noises when applying or detonating Blight Stacks or even when Killing something when his Passive Triggers. * Allowing his Critical Strike Animations to be like the Beast like Bow to have this sort of Bite animation with each Basic Attack that Crits. Heck I mean his bow's current shape and visual already is something like this, so making this change would be really cool in my opinion.[][]
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