When are we going to get a relevant Noxian? Was Kled so lore breakingly important and plot driving?

Note: I know we'll have Champions dev video in 3 days, but inspiration came now and so it shall be. It's been 7 and half years since Draven and Darius' release. The only champion we got from Noxus since then is Kled. KLED. Like, I won't disagree he's one of the best designed champions of league... as a meme. This champion was made as a meme literally. [Go ahead, take a look here.](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/champions-skins/champion-preview/champion-insights-kled-noxian-meme) But why is this a bad thing? It isn't! It's very creative and it adds something rich into the world of League of Legends, Runeterra! Only problem is... Why is this champion is given to Noxus who was waiting for a champion for around 4 years after Darius/Draven? WHY ISN'T THERE ANY NEW CHAMPIONS AFTER KLED? A meme... fulfilled Noxus' champion chance? Demacia waited for Sylas around 6 years after Quinn and was rewarded with all the content they got this year. Like this post is only talking about new champion, no need to talk about reworks even. What does Kled add to Noxus exactly? How is he relevant to ANYTHING? Of course this post is written by the zeal I got from the recent Universe Dev video. We're going back to Ionia again my dudes, and Sett is being used as a reason to start it. Yeah Ionia is popular but look at this: #Ionian Champions made since Draven: {{champion:134}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:875}} #Noxian Champions made since Draven: {{champion:240}} I know "since Draven" looks weird and feels like my attempt to manipulate information but you can add "start of 2012" there and what happens is Darius and Draven gets added to Noxus, and Varus to Ionia. A win for Noxus finally. Ionia is the most popular region yeah. But this much? Did you guys give any chance to anyone else even? Did you give a chance to Noxus? You can pretty much do the same discussion for any region against Ionia, right? Like Aurelion Sol for Targon, at least since Aphelios. Taliyah for Shurima, Lissandra/Ornn for Freljord, Sylas for Demacia, Illaoi/Pyke for Bilgewater... Nothing for Bandle and Void per usual. I would do the same discussion for them. But again, it comes to one thing. These champions were such big leaps for their stories. * Aurelion Sol has shown us the beyond, he told us about it. How he got enslaved by Targon and did their bidding for who knows how long. * Taliyah have given an eye to Shurima today, what Azir and Xerath were doing over all. What she feared they would do. What Nasus is up to after the fall of Shurima. * Lissandra literally started the Freljord narrative and with Ornn we have learned of our "Spirit Gods" of Freljord. * Sylas... the biggest narrative we've seen since Burning Tides. * With Illaoi came the Buhru and we learned of it's importance in not just for Bilgewater, but the Runeterra itself. And Pyke has set the seeds of the "Swimming City" which again, something to be explored in the future. ##What did Kled add to Noxus? The region that "accepts ***ANYONE*** strong enough" and is "most culturally diverse". > Anyone can rise to a position of power and respect within Noxus if they display the necessary aptitude, regardless of social standing, background, homeland, or wealth. So we have 5 nobles and 5 orphans, nothing about ethnicity.Nothing about social standing. No creatures other than boring humans. And some may argue why we don't have any Noxian with other skin colors, sorry if that sentence came out wrong I'm not good at these racism talks. Holy shit I can't believe the champions I'm shitting on, Kled, is the most different champion we have in Noxus. He is a yordle at least. You may say of course, "These are all the things that were brought by Swain! They didn't have time to make another champion!". I'd agree. One year is normal, two years is acceptable. But this year will have an Ionian narrative with the excuse of Sett? Soon Ionia will have twice the champions of Noxus. A champion makes us see the region from a different perspective. It richens it. Noxus didn't get that chance since Darius and Draven. INSTEAD WE GOT KLED. This master piece of a champion, too bad it adds NOTHING. But what am I saying, there are champions who still don't exist despite in Noxus and Runeterra. Despite everyone connected to them being updated, without speaking a word of them... Eh, don't mind me. Had to get all this shit out. My apologies. Thank you for staying until the end.
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