The Ruined Fortress of the Iceborn & Vaults of the Iceborn beneath Frosthorn Peak

####**_~~Intro~~_** I am back with an interesting thread that really sparked a lot of curiosity in me because we have so little information about these locations and that makes them so intriguing! As a side note maybe some of you know that there is a new Lissandra story out however, it is only in russian as it was a part of the russian aram- event. Basically the more you played the more pages of the story you would collect until the story was complete. There was a twist tho as the last page was never really written so I assume we need to wait for that to happen and then the story will be released globally. Thought I'd address that since I have seen some threads asking about that story and when it is coming out. Now back to the topic at hand! Here there will be a lot of speculating and exploring as to what exactly these places hide and what purpose they serve. Again due to lack of information most of this will be speculation so I appreciate anyone elses input! #####**_~~The Ruined Fortress of the Iceborn~~_** Generally we would assume that "ruined" truly means it has been abandoned and left in ruins.. That is usually a result of war and since the fortress seems old we may also think that it was abandoned/ruined after the Iceborn Empire fractured into three (?). If we follow along that train of thought and the fact that the ruined fortress was maybe a former capitol of Freljord, then after the Empire split Lissandra had to make a new "capitol" and that would be the Frostguard Citadel we have today. It is possible that the Citadel was already built at the same time the ruined fortress was. Moving along we see that there appear to be freljordians going to the fortress with weapons in their hands. Now why would they carry weapons there? I would assume that it is not some kind of pilgrimage because weapons would imply "disrespect" to a holy place. Are they carrying weapons because Freljord is just naturally very dangerous? Are they heading there to fight a certain "something"? Did they occupy the place and actually live there?... I would say that it could be a pilgrimage or rather gathering but it is not for the Avarosan because they do their pilgrimage to Rakelstake and the statue of Avarosa there. It is not the frostguard either since their holy place is the Citadel. Could it be the Winter's Claw? They seem to worship the Old, so there is a chance they are visiting an an ancient site. The Notai are also a possibility since they are warmblood and I can not identify any true ice weapons, granted the image is blurry, but then again why would warmbloods be visiting an iceborn fortress unless they never knew it belonged to the iceborn. Another important detail is the **huge** eagle that seems to be landing before the gates of the stronghold. Could the eagle be the reason these people are visiting this place? If it is in fact the Notai we know that they worship Anivia, an eagle, and while I do not think that is Anivia,I do believe that the symbolic eagle could be a reason they are coming to that fortress. At the end of the day I personally believe this fortress has been abandoned long ago but there is **something** there that makes the people still visit the place. A pilgrimage is the best reason I can think of.[] ######**_~~Vaults of the Iceborn beneath Frosthorn Peak~~_** First the question may arise where Frosthorn Peak is and I myself was wondering. My curiosity definitely made me search hard for anything that may give us a hint as to where these vaults are. I had a theory that these are the vaults underneath the Frostguard Citadel but I needed hard evidence so then I found this: > "Like the Frostguard Citadel... They are the fortress at Frosthorn Peak and the crypts beneath." Now since vault is a synonym for crypt we know, thanks to Layka, that the frosthorn vaults are indeed the ones underneath the citadel. The great mystery however, is what exactly is in those vaults. If we assume Trundles story may still have some truth to it, then we can say that there are iceborn weapons there and while those can definitely be kept in a vault I'd like to think that there is a lot of true ice hoarded inside. A big component of Lissandra's power and just a unit of strength and dominance in the Freljord is true ice so it would make sense for it to be stored in a safe place. Beasts and monsters that the Frostguard operates with are probably kept somewhere else. A very curious idea would be for a world rune to be stored down there. Lissandra has afte all been alive probably longer than any other being on Runeterra and she did have crusades of victory across Valoran so why shouldn't it be **possible** for her to have a world rune... Storing it down there would definitely make it harder for enemies to sense/reach it. Looking at the image we can assume the vaults have one entry from the outside along a bridge as there are guards visible.[] ####**_~~Conclusion~~_** There is definitely major mysteries regarding these two settings. I am mostly interested in where the Ruined Fortress is located and what do the Vaults hide? I have tried to conclude where the Fortress is located by looking at the map and seeing a lake next to it as well as concluding that the Fortress is probably facing west (but again simple speculations, may be wrong). Definitely let me know about your ideas and if you have maybe found any clues within the images or any stories that may help further!
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