Nasus in-lore list of abilities and spells

As I said in my previous list about Ryze, I'm doing one with Nasus, the Curator of Sands himself. So here it is. **_PHYSICAL ABILITIES_** **Superhuman reflexes** Nasus is able to fight with Xerath toe-to-toe in close combat, and is able to deflect some of his spells. > Nasus rolled aside as a series of glittering comets slammed down. Their fire was cold, but burned just the same. He rose to his feet in time to use his spinning axe blade to deflect a series of screeching orbs of white light. Keep in mind some of the spells he deflected are beams, who are almost instant in travel speed. **Superhuman speed** Nasus is so fast that he is described to appear as a blur to normal humans during his battle with Xerath, thus gaining the ability to speedblitz. A speedblitz is taking out an opponent before they even have the time to react. **Superhuman strenght** Like most Ascended, Nasus has superhuman strenght. > Nasus tore Malouf’s sword from his hand, shattering fingers and tearing ligaments. The demigod pounced on his attacker. Malouf’s body cracked under the jackal’s enormous weight. Nasus leapt to the next rider, pulling him from his saddle; two strikes ruptured organs and stole the wind from his lungs. His broken form spun off into the sand, a ruined mass of agony. His horse reared and fled into the desert. Here, Nasus stomps Xerath's soldiers with pure physical strenght. > Nasus sighed and spun his axe in a looping arc. The end caught the first guard on an upward stroke and hurled him back thirty yards. His reverse stroke drove the second into the dust, leaving him groaning in pain as Nasus set a clawed foot on the bottom step. Here Nasus sends a guard flying 30 yards, which is 27.432 meters with a casual strike with his axe. > Nasus reached down and lifted him by the scruff of the neck as easily as a hound might carry a pup. Here Nasus lifts a grown man from the ground very easly. > They rushed him with bloodied swords and spears. Nasus met their charge head on, swinging low and splitting three of them in half with a single sweep of the blade. He put his fist through the chest of another and fastened his jaws on the bare head of the last man. Nasus bit down and the warrior’s skull burst open. Here, Nasus's physical strenght is so great, he can tore open a warrior's skull by bitting it. > The blade smashed into Xerath’s chest. Chain links exploded from the impact. Xerath was hurled back into the walls of the temple. The stonework split apart and dust from the tomb far below billowed from zigzagging cracks. Vast panels of stone fell from the building. The magus hurled himself forward, searing beams of energy blazing from his crackling limbs. Nasus howled as Xerath’s fire burned him, and they slammed together with ferocious power. A shockwave of magical energy exploded outward, spinning people away like leaves in a hurricane. The nearest buildings collapsed as the seismic force shattered their walls. Here, Nasus strikes with such force he sends Xerath flying into the walls of the temple, then the shockwave resulted by their phsyical force combined collapse the nearest buildings. **Superhuman durability** Nasus is also very durable, being able to take Xerath's spells without dying and tanking mortal attacks. He has a weakness to piercing attacks, but that's most likely due to him being weakened at the moment: > Malouf did not hesitate, drawing his blade and piercing Nasus’s side with it. Pain rippled through the ancient curator’s body. The rider attempted to withdraw his weapon, but it wouldn’t budge. A clawed hand gripped the blade, keeping it agonizingly buried within Ascended flesh. It is worth noting that Ascended armor is stated to be almost impenetrable in Where Icathia Once Stood, and this was a hit to the non-armored part of Nasus (aka his stomach). > Xerath rose from the wreckage of shattered stone and a searing bolt of pale fire struck Nasus in the chest. He grunted and staggered backward. Here, Xerath uses another piercing attack, a searing spell, to almost 1 shot Nasus. > The magus hurled himself forward, searing beams of energy blazing from his crackling limbs. Nasus howled as Xerath’s fire burned him, and they slammed together with ferocious power. Here, Nasus tanks hits from Xerath's Arcane beams. This proves his great durability even further for the exception of piercing attacks. **Superhuman regeneration** Nasus has shown the ability to passively regenerate from wounds much faster than normal humans. > Nasus grunted in pain. The splintered bones in his shoulder ground together as they began reknitting. He felt strength returning to his arm, but kept it limp and useless looking. **_MAGICAL ABILITIES AND SPELLS_** Nasus has shown to be very knowledgable of the cosmic magic he has been imbued with during his Ascension. **Wither Aging** His in-game W is far more lethal in-lore than it is in-game. In-lore, Nasus can use this to 1 shot single-targets that can age by turning them to dust instantly. It is more of a hax than spell because of that, and to avoid it you need to be able not to age (ex: Ryze, Lissandra, other High-Tier Ascended like Renekton, Azir, Xerath). > A strange fragrance filled the air. Dead flowers spinning on lavender colored threads followed in his wake. Malouf twisted on the ground, the broken fingers of his right hand withered, skin sagging like wet parchment. The barrel of his chest caved in on itself like a rotting spine fruit. Here, Nasus uses the Wither aging spell to finish one of Xerath's soldiers off by putting him out of his missery. **Wither energy projection** Nasus can also use wither energy bursts from his staff to hurt his opponents. It is unclear if this spell simply damages the enemy by sheer power or saps their life energy, all that is known is it managed to hurt Xerath a bit. > Nasus thrust his blade at the magus to unleash a burst of withering power. Xerath roared in pain and anger, the fire at his heart flickering, but undimmed. **Sandstorms** Tho not as great as the ones Azir and Xerath could do, Nasus has shown the ability to make big sandstorms that bypass armor and are able to devour a camel-like animal in minutes. By this estimation, we can say a human would be devoured by it in about 1 minute, 1 minute and a half at max. > He slammed the butt of his long-hafted axe against the stonework, and a cloud of sand lifted from the roof. It hung there in shimmering veils, spinning in a slow circle around the hierophant and his warriors. In the blink of an eye, the circling sand became a roaring hurricane. The warriors raised their arms to shield their faces from the whipping sandstorm and the hierophant bent double, blinded and choking on windblown dust. The sandstorm howled with all the fury of deep desert winds that could strip a flock of Eka’Sul to the bone in minutes. Armor was no protection, the sand penetrating every nook and cranny to reach the skin below and scour it raw. The sun disc swung back and forth in the winds Nasus conjured, its supporting ropes pulling taut on the iron rings fitted to the stonework. **Size manipulation** Nasus can manipulate his own size, growing in physical strenght as well when getting bigger. It's basically his in-game ult. > Nasus let the fury of the sands fill him, his limbs surging with power and his body swelling as the desert’s wrath manifested within his dark flesh. His form loomed and grew, towering and monstrous like the first Ascended were said to be. **Volcanic fire** Nasus is shown to be able to summon pillars of volcanic fire from the ground. This is the only magical attack that was able to seriosly hurt Xerath, making him shriek in pain. > Nasus roared and surged to his feet. A volcanic pillar of fire erupted beneath Xerath, and the magus bellowed as the shimmering fire of the Many Suns engulfed him. But it wasn’t enough. It could never be enough. So that was it. Tell me your thoughts, feedback and questions in the comments, and tell me which champion would you like me to do next.
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