Champions VGUs after Fiddel and Voli + pls do more per year

Fiddel VGU looks freakin AMAZING so far - Voli looks really cool and intersting too but i personally really hoped for 4 VGUs this year. (Volid and Fiddel first half of the year) So i really hope for next year there will be more and here are some REALLY urgent ones: {{champion:102}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:77}} Yes. Many seem to forget Anivia and Malph who both look simply hilarious vanilla. But **Udyr REALLY needs a VGU** even it will be one of the hardest VGUs!!! What do you think? Do you agree? or do you even think there are more urgent ones beside Udyr?
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