Who are the gods of League?

Nagakabouros is seemingly the only true god-like being within the League of Legends universe. There are other very powerful entities but does anyone know what the difference is between a being like Nagakabouros and something like the Aspect of Twilight? To my knowledge, the only beings that could be considered in the running are the Freljordian *Demigods*, the aspects found on Targon and their ascended warriors and, the *God*-warriors and ascended fighters of Shurima. The issue I see is that all of these entities are powerful but material, Aurelion Sol was captured by the Targonians, I feel like Godhood is something greater than that. The Solari and Lunari both worship the Sun/Moon but does that mean there is a Sun *GOD* and a Moon *GOD* or, since they both are on Targon, are they just worshipping the aspects of the Sun and the Moon. Can someone clarify?
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