What unused concepts would you like to see in game someday?

So the other day I was on Zoe's wiki page when I noticed in her gallery there were a few pieces of concept art that I hadn't seen before. In one of these pictures it appeared as they were going for a cat-like Ascended, potentially based off of Bastet. https://66.media.tumblr.com/3e722bccc67352a39952ae31c786f9cb/356048959efa38f6-a0/s540x810/cd83bf8f3bfcb38950c5b71d378262229f249e04.png https://66.media.tumblr.com/c421e3ab4bae1b856c6961adc4d18554/356048959efa38f6-3b/s540x810/f6d534de7928c6ee34a91021e60f7718c294ee47.png Now, if you know me you know I would LOVE a Bastet inspired Ascended champion. However, I like Zoe in her current form too! It just made me cross my fingers and hope they come back to this concept someday. That in and of itself got me thinking about what other unused concepts people want to come to the game eventually! So yeah TL;DR Zoe was almost a cat ascended, I want that in game someday - what unused concepts do YOU want to see come to the game eventually? Can be champs, skins, maps, etc - any unused concepts!
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