Petition to get mire skins in pairs.

I mean paired skins ala Xayah and Rakan but for other champions, like some shipable champions (like {{champion:86}} and {{champion:55}} ) or champions that are often used together (like{{champion:37}} and {{champion:44}} ) in pairs, (but choosing champions that also would look good together) This came to my mind after watching some vods and when they pic {{champion:37}} and {{champion:44}} , their splash arts look so pretty together, if they got a combined skin thay would look amazing,w_684,h_384,f_auto,q_auto,g_auto/shape/cover/sport/Sona-and-Taric-Original-and-Original-71364134c67012e07bddc48b0b67cbcd Yasuo would approve And no I'm not talking about valentine skins, their aesthetic is kinda niche. What other champio s would look good on couple skins?
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