Senna Being the Next Champ is the Perfect 10th Anniversery Champion

With the 10th anniversary, you generally want to do something big for the game and Senna being the next champ is perfect for that. With Senna being next... * You conclude/progress one of the longest running rivalries in League's history (Lucian vs. Thresh) * You pull one of the great lore figures who still isn't a champion. * You silence people who think lore is still JUST retcons and rewrites. * You add a major champion who will change the story of the world (or at least the shadow isles) in a major way. * You might even _kill_ a god damn champion. (I don't think Lucian or Thresh are walking out of this one without at least one scar). Not sure if this was timed on purpose or just a happy accident but it all lines up in an immensely satisfying way.
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